Frida Con Nopalitos, 2015 - Angelica Becerra

Frida Con Nopalitos, 2015 - Angelica Becerra

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Artist Bio

Angelica Becerra is a queer, immigrant Chicanx feminist artist. She was born in Jalisco, Mexico in a family of artisans, and this informed her growth as an artist.She is currently a doctoral candidate in Chicana/o Studies at UCLA. It was her involvement with ethnic studies and Palestinian solidarity organizations on campus that bridged her art and political consciousness. Her art deals with the intersections of being all of these things at once, and how to negotiate them daily. The work often deals with issues of identity and belonging, self-love and care. To identify as Chicanx for her means that she is taking on a political stance, to honor Chicana feminist elders whose groundwork is often erased and forgotten.

Medium: Mixed Media

Size: 10" x 10"