Burdeas - Franceska Gamez

Burdeas - Franceska Gamez

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Born in the Philippines and raised in the Bay Area, Franceska Gamez now resides in Sacramento, where she practices in mixed media sculptures, creating murals and artist advocacy. She received her degree in Fine Art at California State University Sacramento in 2014. Her willful practice in the arts have led to dynamic bouts in music, writing, curation, art conservation, and project organization. She has existing murals throughout California, Europe and Indonesia. Franceska's work is heavily influenced by intuition, dreams, memories, transcendence, resilience, nature, and definitions of home. She works with many different mediums, the urban landscape and public works being her most favored. Along with being a full-time artist, she is currently the co-director of 1810 Gallery and member of M5 Arts Collective. Both organizations strive to build community while providing platforms and opportunities for local artists.

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 19" x 19"