Sanctuary, 2018 by Hana Ward

Sanctuary, 2018 by Hana Ward

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Medium: Oil on Canvas 

Dimensions: 36" x 48"

Artist Bio

Hana Ward is a painter and ceramicist from Los Angeles, California. She likes drawing little characters with things on their mind— endearing yet undeniably melancholy beings. Her work has been described as, "sometimes sad, sometimes funny but always intriguingly equivocal” by ArtNews. Hana is the co-founder of Uno+Ichi, a brand specializing in handmade ceramicware that add charm and sass to your daily rituals.


When She Rises was a 10 week exhibit, opening Saturday, July 7th, 2018, with a global art market, public art, programming (panel discussions, screenings, workshops), and intergenerational and intersectional knowledge exchange through art at SPARC.

When She Rises is centered in the themes of social justice and ecology justice and will focus on the holistic wellness of the artist and her community.