Kalakari Crew WU-TANG Henna T-Shirt
Kalakari Crew WU-TANG Henna T-Shirt

Kalakari Crew WU-TANG Henna T-Shirt

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  • Classic Black and Yellow on 100% cotton t-shirt
  • Kalakari Crew

Kalakari Crew is built of artists and activists born and raised in California. We grew up organizing for social justice while spray painting neighborhood walls with messages of resistance. As children of Punjabi immigrants, we were raised in strict households, turning to hip-hop and graffiti as tools of creative freedom and powerful self-expression. From street art, Kalakari transitioned into street wear as a result of the growing frustration with a limited selection for women's street apparel.

Kalakari is about reclaiming our identity in a society that is constantly appropriating culture. We want people to feel empowered by wearing and representing Kalakari; knowing that we are in touch with our identity and ancestors, and that we will not be erased. Kalakari is an underground culture that is built from our roots in hip-hop, street art, and resistance. It is a thundering tribute to our motherland and California West Coast lifestyle.