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Featured collection > Mercedes Gertz: It's All in a Dream

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Featured collection > Judith F. Baca

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UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center

Judith F. Baca (2018) by Anna Indych-López

Anna Indych-López explores Baca’s oeuvre, from early murals created with gang members to the creation of theGreat Wall to more recently commissioned works. The book won the International Latino Book Awards, First Place for Best Latino Focused Book Design, Second Place for Best Arts Book, and Second Place, Best Latina Themed Book.


Digital Mural Lab

Projects of the UCLA@SPARC Digital Mural Lab

A booklet depicting the works completed by the UCLA SPARC Digital Mural Lab.


Los Angeles: Helicon Nine Editions

Art Tiles at Venice Beach, A Graphic History: 1904-2001 (2014) by Noel Osheroff & Tamie Smith

Each tile bears the name of the street on which it is located and has the date of its scene at the top of the design, which was inspired by historic and modern photographs, drawings, memory and imagination