"Balance" - Judith F. Baca

"Balance" - Judith F. Baca

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Giclée Reproduction: 22 x 26 velvet fine art 

About World Wall

“The World Wall” is a 240’ traveling mural installation designed by Judith F. Baca. Sponsored by the Social and Public Arts Resource Center, the World Wall began its world tour premiering in Finland and the Soviet Union in 1990.

One of the primary goals of the exhibition is to reach the widest possible audience and create an arena for dialogue. An innovative traveling installation system of poles, guy-wires and canvas frees the murals from the restrictions of conventional art exhibitions. Seven panels 10 foot by 30 foot each assemble into a 100-foot diameter circle, traveling to public spaces nationally and then internationally.

About Balance

Balance, the central panel, builds on Native American concepts, the Hopi prophecies, and the eastern in yang. A harmonious balance has been reached and man becomes one organism in the world holding respect for other life forms.