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"Claudia," Nymphas Dissolutio Print - Mercedes Gertz

"Claudia," Nymphas Dissolutio Print - Mercedes Gertz

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  • Signed by artist

  • Collection: Nymphas Dissolutio: 2 Generación Mandalas

  • Medium: Fine Art Print

  • Size: 8x10 inches

From Exhibit: Down the Rabbit Hole by Mercedes Gertz
On display in SPARC's Durón Gallery from September 7th - October 25th.

"In this exhibition, I present three bodies of work that investigate this symbolic language through the lens of archetypes, dreams, and fairy tales. This exhibition has been shown in Paris in 2018, and has now come to SPARC. Down the Rabbit Hole continues to grow as new participants step forward to tell their story. I invite you to participate in this language of images and insert yourself into the world of our untold narratives." - Mercedes Gertz, PhD

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