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One-of-a-kind Monoprint Artbooks by Kaybrown

One-of-a-kind Monoprint Artbooks by Kaybrown

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  • Dimensions: 4.25" x 7.25" Monoprint artbooks/sketchbooks
  • Inside: Blank pages for writing, drawing, etc.

A bit about the artist:

I have been interested in printmaking for over 20 years.

Professionally, besides graphic design, I serve as a dispute resolution mediator, legal researcher, fundraiser, grant writer, developed a line of home and fashion accessories, and Take-It-Or-Leave-It Luggage with my partner Ben Gurule which we manufactured in East LA for over 5 years. I was also one of the founding staff of the Hispanic Urban Center, a teacher re-training institution.

Much of my art practice has been nurtured in community art centers such as The Ink People (Eureka CA), Self Help Graphics & Art (East LA), and SPARC (Venice, CA) and I expect to offer the same opportunity to all community members - especially those thinking they could never do printmaking!

It is a joy to see people discover the artists within themselves - and we here at LOS DE ABAJO PRINTMAKING COLLECTIVE are excited to offer those opportunities.

Thanks to SPARC for their support in furthering printmaking discovery.

Kay Brown

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