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The Immortal Rooster and Other Stories by Diane De Anda

The Immortal Rooster and Other Stories by Diane De Anda

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Here are five delightful tales about boys and girls facing the worries and joys of growing up and dealing with the new and unknown: the strange world of wild creatures, and the even stranger world of adults.  

In "The Immortal Rooster," Celia and her sister Marta discover that although the love having chicken for dinner, "It's a very different thing to eat someone you know personally!"

In "Dancing Miranda," a young and graceful ballet dancer, Miranda Montero, learns to look at her mother through different eyes, and discovers that not all the best dancing is done on stage.

"Tía Luisa" is a scary old neighborhood woman who mixes up weird potions and uses magical cards to predict the future. Or is she? One day after he wakes up with an awful stomach-ache, Julio finds out the unexpected truth about Tía Luisa and her old-country secrets. 

Does anybody make canned butterfly-food--like the stuff they feed to dogs and cats? In "Mari, Mari, Mariposa," a young nature-lover wishes they did. Otherwise some captive butterflies may soon become food themselves, for hungry neighborhood birds. 

"The Visitors" have sharp teeth and make fierce hissing noises. What are they doing in Sergio's back yard? Rudy wants to capture them and laser guns, but Sergio suspects that his little brother's plan might not work. Both brothers soon realize that handling these little strangers may turn out to be a very complicated affair!

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