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The Skyscraper That Flew and Other Stories by Jesus Salvador Treviño

The Skyscraper That Flew and Other Stories by Jesus Salvador Treviño

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This whimsical collection of interrelated, magically real stories from acclaimed filmmaker Jesús Salvador Treviño brims with quirky characters and offbeat events.

"Arroyo Grande is an ordinary town where unusual things sometimes happen," Choo Choo Torres tells his friends. Indeed, this little West Texas town proves to be a place of extraordinary occurrences. 

From an enormous crystal skyscraper that mysteriously appears in the middle of the Arroyo Grande Sluggers' baseball field to a midnight media shower that inspires a pachanga, complete with music and concessions in an abandoned parking lot. And then there's the sudden shift in the whole town's circadian rhythms, keeping everyone up at night and asleep during the day. There's even a repair shop in town that boasts "We Fix Anything" and even extends the offer to broken hearts. The Skyscraper That Flew and Other Stories brims with the offbeat and magical. 

In this sequel to The Fabulous Sinkhole and Other Stories, Jesús Salvador Treviño once again populates his hamlet with a lively community. There's Chicas Patas, a zoot-suited newcomer who speaks a 1940's-era slang; Yoli Mendez a spunky teen who steals the show by performing quadratic equations in her head; Ed Carillo and Mayor Al Snyder, local politicians who seize every opportunity to campaign; and a bevy of other interesting and unique citizens of Arroyo Grande.

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