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Running (Untitled) - Cece Carpio

Running (Untitled) - Cece Carpio

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  • Medium: Fine Art Print
  • Dimensions: 13" x 19"

Artist Bio:

Using acrylic, ink, aerosol and installations, Cece Carpio tell stories of immigration, ancestry, resistance, and resilience. She documents evolving traditions through combining folkloric forms, bold portraits and natural elements with urban art techniques. Her work is influenced by people she have met and places she’ve been. Cece paints everyday people who have been invincible in order to share their thriving presence, to show the dignity and power of their existence. Cece has produced and exhibited work in Cuba, Guam, Guatemala, Fiji Islands, India, Ireland, Nepal, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, United Kingdom and throughout the United States. She can often be found collaborating with her collective, Trust Your Struggle, teaching, and traveling around the world in pursuit of the perfect wall.

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